extracts from the past few weeks

The last few weeks have been eventful despite how quiet life has become living in the lockdown.

The greatest extract from the past couple of weeks was having both of my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday. I’ll spare you a photo and most of the details. In short, due to the lockdown the procedure was put off for over a year – I was given the option to have just one removed first (so I’d have full chewing functionality on the other side) but given how long I’ve waited I opted to have both out. The first one went super smoothly but the second was a surgical extraction… the sound of drilling coming out of your own mouth is pretty disturbing. Altogether it went pretty well and I was in and out faster than expected. That said, healing so far has been a very sore experience, and I can’t say the food options have been terribly exciting. I’ll gladly accept any suggestions of soft SFV foods that aren’t mac and cheese, jelly, and mashed potatoes.

The next-greatest extract from the past few weeks is Ripley’s spay operation. She recovered really quickly and her wee shaved patch is growing back in nicely. She’s also stopped meowing uncontrollably all of the time and has limited her yelling to key moments during the day, as opposed to it being a continuous shout.

On a brighter note, Ross and I have been making the most of our last couple of months in Edinburgh before we move to Fife. We went back to visit one of our favourite parks, and the daffodils were in full bloom. It was lovely to enjoy some proper spring weather before the cold set back in!

I also ran into my favourite neighbourhood cat. I have no idea who they live with but I’ve named them Charlie, they have a croaky little voice and they’re the friendliest cat I’ve met. They’ve tried to follow me into the building before. As absurd as it sounds, I’m really going to miss this wee beast when we move.

I’ve also had some really good post – I joined Beauty Pie in the search for something that’s not foundation but will make me look less exhausted on Whereby, I re-joined Birchbox (for similar reasons), and the first of a few Kickstarters I backed at the start of the year arrived! I’ll post about those in the coming weeks – I promise to try harder to be more present here!

Thanks for hanging out, and wish me luck with the wisdom tooth extraction sites…