October Watchlist – bad luck film club

Finally, the month I base my entire personality on has arrived!

Last year I tried to set myself two challenges – taking part in Inktober (even though I can’t really draw) and watching one spooky movie a day.

I failed at both.

Another thing I failed at last year was starting a book club – Bad Luck Book Club – but I blame that on timing. It was early Spring, and the pandemic came along and shut everything down.

This year, instead of doubling down on a Halloween challenge, I’ll be watching one seasonally-appropriate movie per day, and I thought this would be a great opportunity for another run of Bad Luck. Want to watch along?
Here’s my Bad Luck Film Club watchlist, and where to watch in the UK:

Date:Movie:DurationWatch on (UK):
1stJennifer’s Body (2009)1hr 42Disney+
2ndThe Evil Dead (1981)1hr 25Now Cinema
3rdSaint Maud (2019)1hr 23Prime Video
4thTill Death (2021)1h 29Netflix
5thHost (2020)1h 8 Shudder
6thHalloweentown (1998)1h 24Disney+
7thIt Follows (2015)1h 34Shudder
8thUnder the Shadow (2016)1h 24 Netflix
9thDoctor Sleep (2019)2h 32Now Cinema
10thIn The Tall Grass (2019)1h 42Netflix
11thThe Lighthouse (2019)1h 49Netflix
12thBlade (1998)2h Now Cinema
13thLake Mungo (2009) 1h 24 Shudder
14thDonnie Darko (2001)1h 53Shudder
15thBringing Out The Dead (1999)2h 1 Disney+
16thHalloween Kills (2021)1hr 46Cinema
17thThe Rite (2011)1h 54Netflix
18thThe Cube (1997)1h 30Rent
19thPet Sematary (2019)1h 41Netflix
20thWhat We Do In The Shadows (2014)1h 26Prime Video
21stMartyrs (2008)1h 39Rent
22ndScary Stories To Tell In The Dark1h 48Netflix
23rdCabin In The Woods (2012)1h 35Netflix
24thPulse (2001)1h 59Shudder
25thLights Out (2016)1h 21Rent
26thChildren of the Corn (1984)1h 33Shudder
27thThe Addams Family (1991)1h42Netflix
28thHis House (2020)1h33Netflix
29thApostle (2018)2h 10Netflix
30thMandy (2018)2h1Rent
31stEvil Dead 21h24Rent

Clearly not all of these are strictly horror movies, some I’ve seen before, others I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never seen. I’ll be noting and possibly posting some hot (and less hot) takes.

Have I missed out anything that’s on your October watchlist?