Coming to you barely alive and with a swollen jaw from Edinburgh, Scotland, welcome to my garbled thoughts on WrestleMania 37!In case you haven’t read my Fast Lane post (why would you lol) – please note that I am by no stretch of the imagination in-the-know when it comes to anything wrestling/WWE unless it featured […]

extracts from the past few weeks

The last few weeks have been eventful despite how quiet life has become living in the lockdown. The greatest extract from the past couple of weeks was having both of my wisdom teeth extracted on Thursday. I’ll spare you a photo and most of the details. In short, due to the lockdown the procedure was […]

Goodnight, Malory

RIP Jessica Walter – thanks for being an icon and delivering uncompromisingly savage lines for so many years . Here’s one of my all-time favourite underrated Archer moments from season one’s Dial M for Mother.